Alfredo Lacayo Evertsz
Research instructor - Flow into Profits
Alfredo is currently a financial consultant and researcher for SBDC at Florida International University (FIU). He is a finance graduate from the University of Florida and former investment banker. Has been general manager in the securities industry and a certified stock broker for international stock exchange markets. Has extensive experience in formal teaching of finance and accounting. After 5 years of intense research and development, with the help of the rest of the team, he quantized the field of investments by applying Shape Dynamics and Tensor Network Theory (TNT). To quantize means finding the most fundamental building blocks of a system to make it easier to understand.
Lizelia Bravo Boza
Graphic designer - Flow into Profits
Lizelia is a graphic designer at Qbit Solutions Corp. She is a product designer licensed by UPOLI. She converted thousands of manuscripts into the computer animations that bring Flow into Profits to life. Her excellent graphical skills and intense dedication took Qbit Solutions to a whole new level. Quite simply, Lizelia made Qbit Solutions fly. 
Alfredo Lacayo Arguello
General adviser - Flow into Profits
Economics graduate from the Autonomous University of Mexico. In 1961, realized that the accounts of any and all businesses can be reduced to just four (4) fundamental accounts: Funds, Assets, Sales (revenue) and Expenses. By doing so, he single-handedly set the first stone towards the unification of the field of investments, aka finance & accounting.

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