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Understand financial statements
100% visually and in record time.

How will Financial Qbits save me time, effort and money?


Financial Qbits is an innovative online training program to understand financial statements in record time. This is because it uses a visual and gamified approach that makes the learning of financial accounting intuitive, fun and faster than ever before!

Financial Qbits is a proven concept by 3 US Universities:

The University of Rhode Island, Florida International University (Hacia Ganancia), and Florida Atlantic University.

Financial Qbits is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, business consultants, business students and educators.

Scroll down to join the new paradigm today and to learn more about this exciting new program.

Learning objectives

(standard version)

• Speak the language of accountants in record time.

• Understand the philosophy behind systems like QuickBooks®.

• Build financial statements from scratch to truly understand the numbers (case study).

• Perform basic financial analysis to evaluate the condition of a business (case study).


Welcome to the New Financial Paradigm!

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