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In 2017, QSRT licensed Florida International University to use Financial Qbits’ visual methodology to create Hacia Ganancia, a successful online financial training program for business owners.

This mini-documentary by Florida International University is about the new visual training methodology by Qbit Solutions Research Team and how it was used to create Hacia Ganancia.

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Source: Impact report sent to JPMorgan Chase in 2019                      

The program surpassed almost all performance standards.
This translated to success for the businesses that participated.

Financial Qbits training at the University of Rhode Island – SBDC

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Claudia Cardozo - Financial Qbits graduate from SBDC@URI

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Financial Qbits Testimonials by InCubando@FIU participants

Sergio León González
Qué Hay Pa Hoy?

Ivan Torres Rosquete
Clinica Las Tintas

Marta Elisa Deus
Deus Expertos Contables

Javier Puig Santos

Open Opportunity

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