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Understand financial statements
100% visually and in record time.

How will Financial Qbits help me prepare for the financially-uncertain and technology-driven road ahead?

Through a purely visual and easy-to-follow explanation, Financial Qbits (QML) not only allows you to understand financial accounting hyperfast but it also provides the basic framework to understand two of today’s most important technologies:


Quantum computing and deep learning = QML.

Note: No previous training in either of these fields is required. Scroll down to learn more and sign up.

Financial literacy objectives

(both versions)

QML literacy objectives

(QML version only)

• Speak the language of accountants in record time.

• Understand the philosophy behind systems like QuickBooks®.

• Build financial statements from scratch to truly understand the numbers (case study).

• Perform basic financial analysis to evaluate the condition of a business (case study).

• Speak the language of quantum.

• Understand a ground-state quantum wave function and the six postulates that make it work.

• Learn how a wave function/tensor network can be used as a computational resource for hyperfast computation.

• Grasp the Deep Learning postulates of Meta-learning, information encoding at different layers of abstraction and information reuse.


Welcome to the New Financial Paradigm!

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